New Gear

Just got my new camera bag and lens case in the mail today….ordered it tuesday and got it wednesday, not too shabby for canada express post…yes more expensive but I got it before the weekend which is my first wedding shoot. I am extremely excited.

Sooo I bought myself a Hazard 4 Forward Observer Bag and Jelly Roll.  What makes them special is the molle loops around the bag making it mountable to anything that also has molle loops….this is the army tactical gear nerd coming out inside me but I like being versatile and having belt mounted systems which is what I intend to do with these two.  Now I just need my battle belt to come so I can mount it all.  

Why go tactical?  why not?  It's far superior to a camera bag in terms of versatility, compactness, accessibility and durability. Its versatile in the sense that  I literally can take this anywhere and have my gear accessible and within arms reach without having to put down a bag to get at it…all I do is open a zipper and bam! I have the gear I want, say a new battery, card or lens.  It is far more compact than a bag as I don't have this big bulky thing on my back…which when in a suit isn't the best option.  Also with the molle I can literally configure my belt any way I want which is AWESOME!  I also like the fact that it is made out of cordura…which is extremely tough and durable.  The padding inside is amazing and comes with velcro inserts so I can configure the case even more.  What more could you ask for in a case system. BTW I got it in black…more discreet!


It was pricey but you pay for quality!

I'm a gear junky at heart